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Photo of a heart surgeryThe cardiothoracic surgeons on the medical staff at Baylor Scott & White The Heart Hospital – Denton combine experience, surgical skill, and five-star facilities with a team-based, compassionate approach to deliver quality, patient-centered care. The surgeons on our medical staff provide the proper approach from diagnosis to surgery to after care, including cardiac rehabilitation when necessary. The highly skilled specialists on our medical staff have extensive experience in heart and chest surgery, with surgeons that are board certified in thoracic surgery, general surgery, and surgical critical care.

Cardiothoracic surgeons are physicians who operate on the heart, lungs, esophagus, diaphragm, blood vessels, and other organs in the chest. Cardiothoracic surgeons treat a wide range of disorders, including:

Your care is our primary concern. Staying abreast of advanced technology allows our team to provide you with the appropriate care for your unique heart condition. The cardiac surgeons on our medical staff are experts in traditional, open-heart surgeries; however, they are also leaders in newer minimally invasive and robotic heart surgery procedures. Instead of making large incisions and cutting through your breast bone as in open surgery, minimally invasive techniques allow your surgeon to access your heart and chest area through small (about 2.5 inches) incisions. Minimally invasive heart and chest surgery procedures allow surgeons to perform complex surgery on high-risk patients, the very elderly for whom open surgery may not be the best approach, or those requiring repeat procedures. Minimally invasive procedures require smaller incisions and usually allow you to recover more quickly than with open surgery. Some of the other benefits of minimally invasive techniques may include:

Our guests' care is our top priority. That's why The Heart Hospital takes a collaborative care approach. A highly specialized and expertly skilled surgeon on our medical staff partners with you and your physician to provide you the treatment that's right for you and a guest experience that is second to none. The cardiothoracic surgeons on the medical staff at The Heart Hospital are highly regarded for their expertise in treating patients in a high-risk state following a heart attack or heart failure. Our services include:

  • Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery »​​, including traditional surgery, off-pump CABG, robotic minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass (MIDCAB), and Thoracoscopic CABG
  • Major aortic surgery and endovascular aortic surgery, including aortic aneurysm, aortic dissection, traumatic aortic rupture
  • Thoracic surgery for lung cancers and other malignancy cancers in the chest and chest injury repair
  • Valve surgery, including traditional and minimally invasive valve repair and replacement
  • Ventricular device implantation, including Destination therapy and biventricular assist device

Photo of a surgery room light

In addition to performing cardiothoracic surgery, the surgeons on our medical staff are engaged in developing future surgical and minimally invasive techniques through clinical trials. At The Heart Hospital, we are deeply committed to research as an important way to develop new treatments for cardiothoracic disorders. Clinical research trials enable us to find more effective ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat cardiothoracic diseases. We believe that our participation in clinical research contributes to future medical progress, and it provides the right patients access to investigational treatments through their participation.

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