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Photo of electrophysiology imaging equipment

​​Electrophysiology is the study and treatment of arrhythmias. Arrhythmias, also known as heart rhythm disorders, occur when there is a change in the normal rat​e or rhythm of the heartbeat. They are generally caused by abnormalities in the heart's electrical system. Arrhythmias can be complex medical conditions with effects ranging from annoying to life threatening.

The electrophysiologists on the medical staff at The Heart Hospital Baylor Denton are experts at diagnosing, treating, and managing arrhythmia and related disorders. The Heart Hospital is a patient-focused, high volume center where you receive care from some of the most experienced specialists in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The specialists on our medical staff are highly trained in treating the full range of cardiac arrhythmias, including:

  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Atrial flutter
  • Atrioventricular block (also known as heart block)
  • Long QT syndrome
  • Pacemaker / ICD malfunction
  • Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT)
  • Rhythm disorders related to heart failure
  • Premature atrial contraction
  • Sick Sinus Syndrome
  • Sinus tachycardia
  • Sinus bradycardia
  • Sudden Cardiac Death prevention
  • Ventricular fibrillation
  • Ventricular tachycardia
Illustration of the heart

Advanced technology meets compassionate, five-star care at The Heart Hospital. Providing innovative treatment methods for arrhythmias to our guests is an important part of The Heart Hospital patient experience. Using advanced technology, our guests receive patient-centered care from highly skilled leaders in the electrophysiology field.

Not only innovators in care, the leading specialists on our medical staff are training a new generation of physicians and teaching long-practicing physicians advanced approaches and techniques for treating heart rhythm disorders. Physicians from across the globe meet and train with the electrophysiologists on our medical staff to learn the advances.

With two electrophysiology labs, one of which is a hybrid operating room, the specialists on our medical staff are able to tackle complex arrhythmia cases. In our hybrid lab, we can consult with surgeons when the combined expertise of an electrophysiologist and surgeon is required. Our innovative lab features the advanced technological innovations to see that you receive quality care.

Providing compassionate expert care to our guests is our highest priority. That's why The Heart Hospital takes a collaborative approach to treating heart rhythm disorders. When you see one of the electrophysiologists on our medical staff, you may also receive expert knowledge from members of the multidisciplinary team of medical specialists on our medical staff. When necessary, our team integrates seamlessly with other cardiac services, such as specialists in heart failure, structural heart disease, and valve disorders. Our integration doesn't stop inside the walls of The Heart Hospital.

The electrophysiologists on The Heart Hospital medical staff offer diagnostic and treatment services including:

  • Atrial fibrillation management
  • Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
  • Diagnostic heart monitoring including Holter monitor, event monitoring, and remote mobile cardiac outpatient telemetry monitoring
  • Electrophysiology study
  • Lead management and extraction
  • Maze Procedure
  • Pacemaker and bi-ventricular pacemaker implantation
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Sudden Cardiac Death assessment and evaluation
  • Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) ablation
  • Syncope evaluation and management, including tilt table testing
  • Ventricular fibrillation and tachycardia management and ablation

The electrophysiologists on the medical staff at The Heart Hospital also investigate tomorrow's treatments today to provide you with the advanced care. The specialists on our medical staff take lead and participate in many different clinical trials such as an atrial fibrillation study that compares medication to ablation to assess the risks and benefits and another study investigating hybrid surgery combining a surgical and catheter approach for atrial fibrillation .

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